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First Post.

Well, internets. Here I am. I’ve spent good portion of my life surfing the “series of tubes” cramming some useful, but mostly useless, information into my disproportionately large head. Those few useful websites, blogs, how-to’s, and forums have been awesome for sharing ideas freely, as it should be. Open-source only makes things better, so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel twenty-million times. Open-source doesn’t have to be limited to programming and code, but should be and has been applied to engineering and to hobbies. I’m an aerospace and mechanical engineer by trade, but have my hands in just about everything. So, this is me, trying to do my part and give back to those helpful people, whether they knew it or not, with my epic and quite often tragic weekend MacGyver-ing.

The idea of this blog is to post and share my numerous projects and try to walk people through the process. Things that range from re-building and modifying bicycles, CNC-machining, the magical Arduino, and general hacking. I just hope somebody, somewhere will at least get a laugh out of my misery of frustration and my flailing ecstasy of accomplishment (hopefully).

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